Productivity Plus (P+)

Today, companies are confronted with continually increasing costs, which is driven by the climbing labor and raw material costs. This means that export based business activities are risking business losses. According to all major cost indicators and announcements made by the Chinese government, the trend of increasing costs will continue to change China’s manufacturing industry. Based on the Chinese government’s finding, productivity becomes more and more important in the mounting competition between international businesses. Also, more importance is being laid upon high quality and on-time deliveries. At the moment, helpful and cost-reducing developments that maintain high productivity and quality are the leading competitive factor in China.

We support you in improving productivity in you factory or entire supply chain based on your specific products.

Product Cost Improvement Projects

Within these projects, cost optimization opportunities are analyzed based on the cost structure of your product. In other words, we focus on your product. Materials, manufacturing practices and supplied-parts costs along with localization degrees, tolerance analysis and product benchmarking with local and international competitors gives us a professional overview of reasonable savings options specific to your product.

Cost Structure Analysis (CSA) with Suppliers/in your Supply Chain

Together with your experts and suppliers, we begin with a confirmed cost structure analysis in order to point out cost saving opportunities. This project mainly focuses on products that are completely manufactured by suppliers. We first verify the quoted cost structure and then analyze the optimization potential by investigating Logistics cost, Manufacturing and Material costs. Due to our production technology background, we are capable of working with your suppliers on manufacturing costs which leads to win-win situations.

Productivity Increase inYour Factory

Using time measurement techniques and lean management principles, we are working on improving your productivity. Productivity, in this sense, includes tools and methods used in your supply chain and by your suppliers within the manufacturing process. Higher productivity can be achieved by increasing your output while maintaining the same number of direct labor and analyzing indirect areas that affect productivity such as product audits, QM-inspections and maintenance.

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