Asia Pacific and especially China is the biggest electronics manufacturing base in the world. Global OEMs like Flextronic or Foxcon manufacture high class electronics products for local and global supply. Next to Chinese global electronics-OEMs China has one of the largest supplier bases for electronics. In 2011, 48% of the global electronics supply comes from Asia Pacific and 27% directly from China.

Next to high scale electronics manufacturers there are several small and medium sized electronics manufacturing companies in the market. Different quality levels determine corresponding cost levels that match different industries requirements in cost and price.

SILU supports its partners to identify suitable electronics suppliers and in electronics suppliers qualification (e.g. VDE-specifications).

In particular SILU provides know-how and experience on the following components:

  • PCB

  • PCBA

  • Relays

  • Controllers

  • Transformers

  • Isolator for SPI Lasers

  • Switch

  • Resistors

  • EC-Motors (DC Motors, BLDC Motors, Hydraulic Motors)

  • ….

The Strengths and capabilities of our extensive industry knowledge and resources can help our partners in procurement, supplier development, lean factory planning and lean logistics planning by improving your production efficiency and capacity significantly.

By taking advantage of market expertise and Germany market-oriented knowledge we can provide better services to the overall product and deliver solutions to problems during the production process in a more efficient way.