Logistics/ Warehousing

Higher competition, increasingly demanding and unpredictable customers, emergence of new markets, complex sourcing and consolidated suppliers are only a few troubling factors in the trade and retail industry. In such an environment, companies have to find solutions to key issues, such as:

  • How do our operations respond quickly to changable customer desires?

  • How can we reduce purchasing costs and increase quality?

  • How do we manage our broad supplier base?

Due to the consolidating retail market, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers must constantly review their activities. The supply chain has to be redesigned to become more agile. At the same time, production has to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our knowledge and experience gained from activities in a variety of industries helps us to restructure manufacturer and retailer operations. We offer advice on a broad range of relevant issues along the entire value chain, from purchasing and supplier management to organization development. As a result, we assist our partners to deliver market-driven, integrated product-service solutions.