Machine Building/ Industrial Products

Industrial products cover a wide range of application: components, small appliances and machinery. Regardless of their specialization, all companies face fierce competition and high customer requirements concerning cost, quality and timely delivery. Consequently, organizations have to find an approach to meet their clients’ wishes:

  • How do we offer competitive prices if raw material prices increase?

  • How do we define the target costs for our products?

  • How do we source materials from emerging markets like China?

  • How do we enable suppliers to deliver the required quality?

Given the diversity of this industry, there is not just one "correct" approach to support our partners. Our projects involve a rich variety of topics and solutions. SILU Production Engineering Co.,Ltd combines its technological and functional knowledge with German/Chinese market expertise to deliver tangible results and sustainable impact.

With our technology expertise in the fields of die casting, paint/surface treatment, plastic parts, electronic components, motors/aggregates and convey or belts, we are able to support our partners to meet high quality requirements and solve operational issues. Moreover, our functional knowledge in sourcing, supplier management, factory/logistics planning and organizational development is appreciated by numerous partners from different areas of industrial products.