Home Appliances

The home appliances industry faces challenges, which are typical for consumer products in today’s global economy. In particular, companies need to find answers for some key issues in order to grow in a dynamic environment:

  • How should we steer our sourcing strategy to address commodity cost pressures and risks?

  • How do we ensure the supply of high quality components?

  • How do we manage exchange rate risk in export between China and Europe?

  • How can we set global standards on environmental protection and sustainability?

Different market requirements in terms of equipment, quality and functionality contribute to the complexity to serve diverse consumers.

SILU provides fundamental market knowledge to help our partners succeed in this challenging marketplace. We have helped our customers to become the sector benchmark in quality, innovation, design and consumer value. We support companies in the sourcing process to take advantage of global sourcing opportunities and help our clients develop more capable suppliers by trainings, supplier management/enabling and organization development. Moreover, SILU provides its technological expertise for product cost benchmarks or addresses ecological issues together with its customers, as energy efficiency is particularly important in the home appliance market.