Project Approach

Our project philosophy is based on a mutual understanding of our client’s business processes. We are targeting outstanding project results in Quality, Cost,Delivery and Service. Our project work is characterized by a systematical project approach, excellent project planning, usage of customized methods (e.g.Lean Management, Quality Management, Six Sigma…), industry experience and excited project engineers.

The following figure illustrates a typical short-term project:

Together with our project partner we take our time for a detailed project analysis within our Project Definition Phase. Defining the project together with our partners and cross checking targeted project results with our project and market experience is the first step towards project success, team building and successful project work. A cost-benefit analysis and professional risk management leads to successful decisions.

In Project Planning we transfer our project vision into a realistic and hands on planning which ensures a professional execution of the project and fulfillment of your project targets. Our project coaching capabilities build a solid base for all project situations.

Followed by project planning discussions we see the base for successful project work in a Project Team.

Measure & Analysis Phase delivers potentials in our projects which are verified within a Verification Phase. Our Verification Phase guarantees doable project results and a realistical project recommendations. This phase is carried out with the whole project team and is based on reliable data verification.

Implementation Phase brings potentials in praxis. Verified and approved improvement ideas are implemented and lead to reasonable profits within your business processes.

A Project Follow-up meeting shows sustainable project success and one more chance to generate new ideas for a successful future development. The project success is measured againsteffective benefit in your business.

If you want to know more about our project work,please contact Mr. Stefan Ruhrmann