The automotive industry is going through the most challengable period in its history. Therefore, companies need to ask some crucial questions to sustain and grow:

  • How do we adapt to new markets, e.g. China, which are different in terms of local competitors, supplier base, and production?

  • What are the sourcing potentials in emerging markets?

  • How can we qualify our supplier to meet quality requirements?

  • How do we optimize our logistics concepts?

We can help our partners to solve these challenges by our capabilities in procurement, supplier management/enabling, lean factory planning, logistics management, and manufacturing. One of the major challenges arises in the sourcing process. Suppliers need to be chosen carefully, because shorter innovation cycles and new technologies are increasing the performance requirements in the sourcing process.

Hereby, we assist our partners with our extensive knowledge of markets and technologies. Our services ranging from PPAP processes, supplier development/integration, serial production qualification to organization development help to drive innovation, increase operational efficiency and sustain quality.