Lean Factory Planning

SILU is a proven partner in the field  of factory planning process. By long-term cooperation with internationally renowned companies, we have gained broad experience and successfully conducted industrial projects in the area of factory design and optimization. Our clients appreciate our understanding & expertise of efficient manufacturing processes and elaborate factory design. With the business boom in the Chinese market, nowadays many companies build new factories or extend existing ones. In order to gain the competitive edge and succeed in managing complex production processes,companies need to address major challenges such as:

  • How can we design the layout of a new factory?

  • Which requirements should be met by the infrastructure of our production?

  • How can we optimize the logistics processes?

  • How can we implement lean manufacturing principles?

Efficient manufacturing processes form the basis of product quality, system stability, and a company’s profitability.In order to understand the current operations, our factory planning begins with value stream mapping, do  scenario analysis and set the project roadmap for a new factory design. Thereafter, we use proven lean production concepts to create lean infrastructures for the buildings and equipment. Our comprehensive factory planning approach does not only include factory layout, process and production planning but also change-management solutions and employee training.

As factory planning embraces a variety of concepts, we offer our expertise on many production & factory-related topics to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, such as:

  • Create production concept and assist in new factory planning

  • Assist in factory building process and ramp-up phase

  • On-site support in the factory with special expertise, e.g. value stream mapping, Six Sigma/Kaizen implementation, lean manufacturing, logistics optimization, simulation

  • Coordination and execution of factory benchmark, e.g. rapid plant assessment

  • Implement health and safety measures (ISO 18001)

  • Organizational development including technical and methodological staff training, preparation of work instructions and translation of technical documents